Tuesday, March 29, 2011

C4T 3

Post 1

For C4T 3, I was assigned to Jenna Bentley's blog. She is an educator who blogs about many different topics, much of which are on her passion for photography. In the first post that I commented on, Ms. Bentley talked about how she created a portfolio, which you can see by clicking here. She went on to talk about how she started participating in an online photo project called Daily Shoot. The Daily Shoot website gives you a different topic each day and you're supposed to go out and take a picture of your interpretation of that topic. It was created to encourage photographers to go out into the world and practice their skills everyday.

My Response:

Hi Ms. Bentley! My name is Samantha, and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I have always been interested in photography as well. However, I am not any good at it. I looked at your portfolio.. Amazing! My favorite was the picture titled “colour.” I loved the lighting and reflection. It was simple yet still very eye-catching. The Daily Shoot Assignment is a brilliant idea! I definitely think that it will help spark your creativity and imagination. Keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job! Thanks for sharing.

Post 2

The next post that I read of Ms. Bentley's was titled "This I Believe." In this post she wrote about her experience as a basketball player. She recalls how she felt at one particular game. She talks about how when she got put in the game, she was so focused on the outcome of the game that she couldn't focus and made mistake after mistake. She eventually got pulled out of the game and her team lost by 10 points. She was so discouraged that she began to cry. A teammate attempted to comfort her by telling her that "A good player never has two bad games in a row. Show them what your made of next game." This seemed to really encourage her and she learned to only focus on the moment and that it's ok not to know.

My Response

This was a great essay! No criticism here except "loose" should be "lose" and then you said "can't never" - double negatives. Other than that, amazing! I felt like I was there; I shared your anticipation and anxiety and then felt comforted by your coach and teammate's words. I really like it when a writer uses a lot of expressive words and can make the reader feel like a part of the story. Great work, keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

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