Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Assignment 7

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture:

Randy Pausch

     I agree with Dr. Strange, this video was most definitely well worth the time. In the introduction part of Dr. Pausch's lecture, he shares with the audience that he is a cancer patient with only a few short months left to live. He not only gives this last lecture as a way to say his final words but also as an attempt to leave a meaningful message behind to his family, his colleagues, students and educators. He was very positive in his speaking and so uplifting that you could not help but keep watching. He had me crying by the end.

     In the following part of his lecture, he shared with the audience about his childhood dreams and accomplishments. He talked about all of his dreams and goals he achieved throughout his entire career. He went on to talk about the trials and "brick walls" that he had to overcome in order to reach those dreams. He said that those obstacles weren't there to stop him, but to prove to him what his dreams were worth.

     I think the most significant part of his lecture for future educators to take hold of is the passion and sincerity in his teaching. The way he lead his students is so inspiring. He was very driven by creativity, so much so that he had his students creating and designing things that had never been done before. He used project/group based learning to ignite enthusiasm and create a learning environment that students wanted to be a part of. From watching his video and seeing his excitement when talking about his students, you know they had to love his class. He continuously encouraged his students because he wanted them to reach their full potential. He wanted to help them overcome the "brick walls" to reach their dreams and goals the same way he did.

     As a future educator myself, I sincerely hope that I can be as inspiring to my students as Dr. Pausch was. I'm sure in the years to come, I will revert back to this video to keep my goals and teaching in check. Dr. Pausch saw the bright side in everything he did and encountered, even in his last days. He taught his students that the world is their playground and to always follow their dreams. I wrote one of his quotes on a notecard to keep in my binder.. "If you live your life right, your dreams will come to you." What a great way to think! I want to learn to find the brightness and joy in every situation that arises in my life the same way that he did.


  1. Hey Samantha!

    That's great how you keep one of his quotes in your binder. I thought about that at first... but this guy has so many amazing quotes I might as well copy down his lecture word for word! That quote you chose was one of the best. And I really like how moved you were by this presentation, as I'm sure was the reaction of the majority of EDM310 students. This was definitely worth my while to watch, and if it had been twice as long, I say even better! I could listen to Dr. Pausch for hours. Thank you for your post, and if brick walls come your way, live right, and those dreams will come to you.

    -Matthew Poirier

  2. Randy Puasch's attitude is what I want every teach to have about education and life! He has been such a great influence on me, and I hope he will be to you also.

    Stephen Akins

  3. I really enjoyed watching this video! It was very informative and uplifting. I believe that you will prosper in everything you do!