Friday, April 22, 2011

C4T 4

For C4T 4, I was assiged to Ms. Lisa Thumann. Ms. Thumann is the Senior Specialist in Technology Education with the Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She works with educators to improve teaching and learning using technology.

Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education
Post 1

In Ms. Thumann's first post, she talked about how she was invited to present at the inaugural Tech Forum in Boston. Just over 200 educators gathered at the Burlington, MA Marriott to learn together. Ms. Thumann and several other presenters facilitated the “Ultimate Web 2.0 Smackdown” and were joined by several educators as they spent no more than 3 minutes demonstrating numerous technological tools that could be used by educators. She shared several websites on her blog, which you can view here.

My Response:

Hi Ms. Thumann,
My name is Samantha, and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I admire your position with the Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education. With the rapidly advancing technology of today’s world, teachers need to be familiar and educated with the latest technology in order to fully meet the needs of their students. Congratulations on being asked to present at the Tech Forum. What an honor! Thank you for sharing those links, they are going to be very helpful to me when I have a classroom of my own. Dr. Strange has had us use a few of them in his class, and I really enjoyed getting familiar with them. I am amazed at the abundance of resources that are at our fingertips. Thanks again for sharing.

Post 2

In the second post I commented on from Ms. Thumann's blog, she shared some Everyday Math apps that were available for FREE download during April 13-16, 2011 for teachers, parents and students that have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. To see a list of the Everyday Math apps Ms. Thumann shared, click here.

My Response:

Hi Ms. Thumann,
It's me again, Samantha from Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I don't have an ipod or an iphone, but I do have a smart phone that I'm able to download apps on. I wonder if those are available for download on my phone; I will have to look into it. I love how companies that come out with all of this fun technology (apple and the ipad/ipod touch, for example) are also making them educational! Through Dr. Strange's class, I have seen numerous teachers incorporate this kind of technology into their classrooms. I wonder how many of them are using apps like the ones you shared above? I definitely want an ipad to try out things like this and see how they could be beneficial in my future classroom. Thank you for sharing!

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