Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

My son Jackson and I

     Hi! My name is Samantha, Sam for short. I'm from Hurley, MS but have lived here in Mobile since 2005. I originally moved to Mobile to attend the University of Mobile on a soccer scholarship. However, in 2007 I decided that I needed a few semesters off from school to decide on a career path that I truly wanted to take. Now that I'm back, I'm majoring in Elementary Education and, assuming that I survive EDM 310, I will begin candidacy in the Fall.

     My husband, James, and I will be celebrating our three year wedding anniversary in March. We met at Planet Fitness in 2007 and have been inseparable ever since. We have the most precious little baby boy named Jackson that will be two in April. I never knew I could love someone so much! He has been the biggest blessing!

     A few things about me.. I am left handed, slightly OCD, and I like things to be very neat and organized. It gets pretty obnoxious at times, just ask my husband. But hey, it's who I am! In my very scarce free time I enjoy running, working out, tanning, traveling, movies and spending time with my sweet little family!

My family


  1. Hello Sam!
    I love to play soccer as well! I wish I had played in college, but to be honest I probably wasn't good enough. I'm pretty sure that combination of slightly OCD and liking things to be neat and organized can only help you out in the classroom. Good luck with the class! It's definitely a mouth full!
    ~ Miles Bubbett

  2. Hey Sam Flem! Figured I would hyphen your whole name since you did it to your first name. That's super neat you played soccer in college and got a scholarship! I bet you will survive EDM310 just fine being OCD, we may have to partner up so you can brush off on me a little so that I can survive. If you ever have use for a scatter brained friend, let me know, I hear opposites attract. Also I love the bottom photo, those are some killer photography skills. Good Luck in the class!
    Rebecca Sisson

  3. You sound very busy! And now you have EDM310 to contend with. But organized people do well no matter how busy they are! Welcome.